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What does your wedding planner do?

Your wedding planner is your right hand person when it comes to organizing your wedding! If you wish for a fairytale-like wedding day, without worries about the planning, a wedding planner is what you need. Especially if you plan a destination wedding, your planner will be your eyes and hands in the foreign country. That’s why finding the right one is the key to a stress-free wedding.


Wedding Favours

Wedding favours

The venue is amazing, the decoration makes it all gorgeous, the party is on, the guests are having the time of their lives! If only this moment could last forever! Wedding favors are small souvenirs of your most special day. What a better way to thank your guests for their support at your wedding than a small symbolic gift?

Below some nice and practical favor ideas for a wedding in Crete.


The beauty of Traditional Cretan Weddings

Weddings are very important social events in Crete. Usually, many hundreds, even thousands of guests arrive to celebrate the special moment with the new couple. There is always a lot of food, joy, traditional music and dancing!

The Cretans love and respect their traditions, so if you are ever invited to a traditional Cretan wedding, you are most likely to see the following.


What to do before my wedding in Crete

The wedding day is about to come, the dress rehearsal is amazing, guests travel from afar to come to your wedding in Crete… everything is almost set! How great would it be if you also arranged some nice event to thank your beloved friends and relatives for their support, before the big day?

Crete is a land of wonders! Why not take advantage of the beauty of this exotic island to celebrate a pre-wedding event?


How to Bridesmaid

It certainly is a great honor to be chosen as a bridesmaid. It’s like a friendship ceremonially sealed!

But what does a bridesmaid actually do? Well, the answer largely varies according to the size of the wedding and the bride’s expectations. Below you may find some of the most common duties of bridesmaids.

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