First Look Photography, yes or no?

Your wedding is one in a lifetime experience! You have imagined it so many times, prepared so much, almost tasted every feeling of the big day before it even arrives! However, it is not uncommon that the wedding day will be filled with a ton of things that need to be done and the time you will have alone with your husband or wife is limited to none.

That’s why a First Look Photography session is a good piece of advice when planning your wedding. A First Look is a couple photo shooting about an hour or two before the ceremony, when the couple sees each other for the very first time. It includes only the bride and the groom, and of course the photographer and the wedding planner.  The groom has his back turned, and the bride approaches slowly from behind. Then, she touches his shoulder and he turns to see his beautiful soon-to-become wife in her wedding dress.

Unlike couples seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony aisle, who need to remain serious and almost emotionless under the gaze of dozens of guests, the First Look is ideal to be spontaneous and sentimental. Some couples cry, others giggle – there is no rule on what is to be done, as long as you are authentic! This can also calm the bride’s and groom’s wedding nerves, make them relax and feel intimate. Don’t worry about tears ruining your makeup, you will have plenty of time to fix everything till ceremony time!

Usually, the actual “first” look lasts about 10-15 minutes. The rest of the time is dedicated to a couple photo shooting, which normally takes place after the ceremony. This gives the couple time to enjoy their drinks reception and also spend more time with their guests. This way, the program runs more smoothly and the couple enjoys the most of their wedding day.

So, when it comes to a First Look, the answer is definitely a Yes!