Greek Orthodox Weddings!

Greek Orthodox Weddings are a beautiful and symbolic way of getting married, with a ceremony that has changed little over the centuries. It is different from a civil wedding as the bride and groom don’t exchange vows. Instead they come together in front of their families and Christ, through the Priest.

The ceremony is two services in one: the brief Service of Betrothal, when the bride and groom exchange rings, and the longer Service of Crowning, during which prayers are said for the couple, the crowning of the couple in marriage, the sharing of the common cup and the celebratory procession around the priest’s table.

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You can choose whether to hold your Orthodox wedding in a church beside the sea or a village near to Rethymno, and once you’ve decided on the venue for the ceremony we can help you plan every other aspect of your wedding too.

You’ll need to visit the church two days before the wedding to sign the legal documents and so that a marriage licence can be issued, and bring some official ID with you. But please don’t worry, we can help with the administration and we’ll send you full instructions when you book.

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so we can help you plan every aspect of your special day, including

  • the venue,
  • catering,
  • entertainment,
  • outfits,
  • photography/videography,
  • hair and make-up,
  • flowers.

Important stuff

Legal documents
  • Full birth certificates of both parties
  • Certificates of no-impediment to marriage for both parties (they must not been issued more than 3 months before the wedding)
  • Divorce certificates (if you are divorced)
  • Certificate of name change (if you are divorced and have reverted to your maiden name)
  • Certificate of death of your spouse (if you are a widow/widower)
  • Certificate of adoption (if you are adopted)
  • Passport or ID-card copies of both parties
  • Certificate of baptism
  • Certificate of marriage (in case you have performed a civil wedding) 

The couple has to visit the church two days before the wedding to sign the legal documents and to issue the marriage licence.

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