How to Bridesmaid

It certainly is a great honor to be chosen as a bridesmaid. It’s like a friendship ceremonially sealed!

But what does a bridesmaid actually do? Well, the answer largely varies according to the size of the wedding and the bride’s expectations. Below you may find some of the most common duties of bridesmaids.

Be a good listener

A wedding can be quite stressful for brides, as it is a big event in their lives. They need someone close to them to listen and understand their needs and dreams. That role can ideally be done by bridesmaids, since they usually know the bride well enough. They are the wonderful fairies who secretly support the bride!

Get to know the other bridesmaids

It would be a good idea to make a friend request or send an email to other bridesmaids, if you don’t already know them. So you won’t need to collaborate with complete strangers on the big day.

Help bride pick dress

That’s one of the most trademark bridesmaid tasks. The bridal gown will be what everybody will be looking at, so picking the right one is highly important. So, the bride needs an honest and polite opinion of someone who cares for her.

Get a dress for yourself

Bridesmaids are usually distinguished by their beautiful matching gowns. Maybe the bride already has something in mind for your dress, or you could help her do some research on this.

Assist bride decide decoration

What flowers match a rustic styled wedding? Are ribbons necessary in a minimalist ceremony? Could the wedding favors be DIY? Of course, the wedding planner is the prime source of ideas, but bridesmaids could come up with some cute ideas as well.

Help arrange bridal shower/bachelorette party

It’s a fun moment before the wedding to celebrate the bride’s last hours or days of single life. It’s up to the bridesmaids to organize it, make it fun and relaxing. There are countless of games and activities you could do to put some spice to it!

Attend wedding rehearsal

It’s sometimes necessary to rehearse the ceremony process before the wedding, just to make sure everybody knows what will be expected of them. Bridesmaids are a very important part of the rehearsal.

Walk the aisle with the bride

They are the beautiful followers of the bride. Usually they make an entrance before her, to “prepare” the big moment of her arrival.

Greet guests at reception

Sometimes it will be asked from the bridesmaids to make the atmosphere friendly and welcome between the guests. They may ask them politely to write something on the guestbook, go to the photobooth, come closer for group photos.

Assist bride with her gown

Since they are usually right next to the bride, they are ideal to help her straighten her dress and veil, hold her bouquet while exchanging rings, hold her cellphone or bag if needed.

Arrange bridesmaids’ needs

Maybe it would be polite to ask the other bridesmaids if they would like to order something to eat or drink on the wedding day, while preparing. Probably the bride has already arranged it for them. But she has a lot to think of on that day, so this one will maybe slip her mind. It’s up to the bridesmaids to take care of themselves.

Buy a gift

A gift and a thank you card to the couple is a very thoughtful way to acknowledge the honor of being their bridesmaid. Maybe you could team up with the other ladies of the bridal party to buy something nice.

Enjoy yourself!

Being a bridesmaid can put stress on you. But remember: it’s all about one moment of true happiness, so never forget to enjoy the process!