What does your wedding planner do?

Your wedding planner is your right hand person when it comes to organizing your wedding! If you wish for a fairytale-like wedding day, without worries about the planning, a wedding planner is what you need. Especially if you plan a destination wedding, your planner will be your eyes and hands in the foreign country. That’s why finding the right one is the key to a stress-free wedding.

But what exactly does a wedding planner do?

Well, in one word, everything! Below a list of the most important aspects of your wedding planner’s job.

Initial Consultation

The first thing that a wedding planner does is to find out about the dreams of the couple. Do you dream of a big and fancy wedding with lots of beloved friends and a great party? Or are you more into a more intimate wedding, with a romantic dinner by the sunset? Is privacy important for you? Will you give priority to where your guests will stay? Before sending you any offers, a professional wedding planner needs to know your view.

Helping choose the right venue

Choosing the right venue is the key to a successful wedding day. Especially if you plan your wedding at a foreign country, a planner is an absolute necessity when it comes to venue proposals. Friendly advice: go for local wedding planners, they typically know every corner of every venue around. So, they can help you choose the right one, based on your wishes and your budget. In Crete, for example, venue options are far from few. From exotic beach restaurants, to Cretan traditional venues, to luxurious villas, to rustic wineries, you are sure to find what you dream of.

Adjust to each couple’s personality

Each wedding is as special as every couple is, and no two weddings are ever the same. Wedding planning is a very creative job. With every new couple something new shows up that calls for imagination – and hard work! This may mean additional venue scouting, exhausting comparing between possible vendor options, survey to find the top of the cream of vendors.

Propose right time to book vendors

When is the right time to book a photographer and a DJ? Need I decide on the stylist now? Is wedding cake and decoration a priority when it comes to planning? Your planner will guide you through the labyrinth of planning details.

Proposing & managing vendors

The main bulk of your wedding planner’s job. There’s usually an endless list of possible vendors, and it is your planner the one who knows firsthand who is the best. She contacts and request availability, offers, proposals for every couple’s needs. Then she deals with vendor contracts and all the other necessary legal arrangements.

Assistance with decoration ideas

A helping hand when it comes to decoration. What style matches a rustic venue? A minimal villa? A dinner on the beach? Your planner knows the best decorators on the field!

Psychological support

Let’s be honest, weddings can be stressful. It’s a big turn in your life. It’s natural to feel uneasy. If you feel it’s too much for you, don’t hesitate to consult your wedding planner. She has experience, and, if required, she can bring you in contact with a professional who will help.

Preparing wedding day schedule

The wedding planner knows exactly who does what. She is the perfect person to put the wedding day in line, so you can enjoy it to the fullest! She will inform all the vendors about the details, and all you need to do is trust her.

Meeting up for a venue/vendors investigation

Some couples wish to see with their own eyes before they book. Especially for destination weddings, this is quite usual. Your wedding planner will guide you on site and help you come to a decision.

Unlimited email & phone availability

Emails will become your best friend for a few months!

Assist with wedding rehearsal

It’s not necessary, but many couples go for it – especially if they have numerous bridesmaids, ushers and flower girls. Your planner is the right person to stage everything up.

Arrival at the venue before anyone else

She needs to take care of hundreds of things on the wedding day. And she is as enthusiastic as you are for the day! That’s why she is always early, to make sure everyone else is ready on time.

Distribution of flowers

Bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, groom and usher buttonholes, wrist flowers. She is there to deliver them all.

Provision of bathroom kit

A good planner knows that many things may be needed during a wedding. From hairsprays, to insect repellents, to feminine products, small things can destroy the magic – unless someone provides a bathroom kit with basic necessities for your guests!

Coordinate the event

Someone needs to make sure the schedule timeline is followed. That the vendors are ready, that the guests move from ceremony to dinner area on time, that photographs are taken when the light is right, that guests know where to sit. The wedding planner is the brain behind it all!

Speed up or slow down when needed

Following the schedule is important, but one also needs to “feel the beat” of the wedding. If photographs take a bit longer than expected, someone needs to inform the restaurant that dinner will be served a bit later. Or, she may propose to change the time of the bouquet toss, if it seems that some part of the day is empty. The most important is to have an unforgettable event.

Make guest transportation run smoothly

She knows how long it takes for the bus to come from the hotel to the venue area, she has let everyone know when their pick up time is, and she has called the driver to make sure he’s on the way. Misunderstandings about transportation can ruin the day, unless someone takes care of them.

Deal with mishaps

No matter how good the planning is, there is always a possibility of something going wrong. It doesn’t have to destroy the day, though. Your wedding planner will be there to assist every possible need.

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