What to do before my wedding in Crete

The wedding day is about to come, the dress rehearsal is amazing, guests travel from afar to come to your wedding in Crete… everything is almost set! How great would it be if you also arranged some nice event to thank your beloved friends and relatives for their support, before the big day?

Crete is a land of wonders! Why not take advantage of the beauty of this exotic island to celebrate a pre-wedding event?

Post rehearsal dinner by the shore

The wedding rehearsal is a great opportunity to meet up and celebrate with the most beloved of your guests! A romantic sea-side restaurant is a great idea to have a special dinner with them, as you admire the gorgeous Cretan sunset reflect on the sea.

Bachelor & Bachelorette parties

A special girls’ night and a special boys’ night to celebrate the last few moments of single life! The party usually takes place at the host’s place. The bachelorette party is sometimes something more relaxing, like a bridal shower. Crete is famous for its luxurious hotels with professional spa departments, ideal for an unforgettable girls’ spa treatment.

Couple Spa

Wedding preparations and traveling can take a toll on the soon-to-become couple. A relaxing couple massage and body treatment could work miracles on your mood before your wedding – and give you some precious couple moments as well!

Buggy tour

For the most adventurous brides & grooms, this is the perfect bachelor/ bachelorette party! A gorgeous half-day trip in jeeps, buggies and squads, exploring the beauties of Cretan landscape and wildlife!

Βοat Trip

How about a beautiful private sailing trip into the Cretan sea? There is nothing better than a good glass of champagne and some beloved friends as you sail across crystal clear waters!

Wine tasting

Apart from its exquisite beauty, Crete is also renowned for its high-quality local products – especially olive oil and local wine varieties. Ask your wedding planner for picturesque local wineries that provide private tours and wine tastings. There’s no better option for wine lovers with a demanding palate!