Wedding Favours

Wedding favours

The venue is amazing, the decoration makes it all gorgeous, the party is on, the guests are having the time of their lives! If only this moment could last forever! Wedding favors are small souvenirs of your most special day. What a better way to thank your guests for their support at your wedding than a small symbolic gift?

Below some nice and practical favor ideas for a wedding in Crete.


Olive oil & raki bottles

Olive oil is the Cretan gold and raki a much loved spirit. What a more special gift than two local goods from this exotic island?

Flip flops

Most guests show up in elegant, yet uncomfortable shoes, like high heels. So, offering them flip flops when the dancing starts often seems like a real blessing!


Greek summer is known to be quite hot. Fans often prove very thoughtful gifts to guests who are not carrying one of their own.


Bubbles are an alternative, playful, special way to offer your guests beautiful moments of joy. Apart from creating a cheerful atmosphere, they also make the perfect setting for vivid wedding photographs!

Personalised favors

It could be a beautiful small box, a lucky charm, a cool wine cork opener, anything nice and symbolic, as long as it has your wedding’s details on it: your names, the wedding date, some “Thank you” note, or even the guest’s name. It makes the gift much more personalised and special!