How to rock your Wedding: The Wine Box Ceremony

Love is the main ingredient of success common in every wedding. Each couple, however, is different and every love story is unique. The wedding ceremony needs to reflect the personality and style of every couple, so that it has a deep and true personal meaning; it is after all the pinnacle of the relationship!

More and more couples prefer a non religious ceremony, but would love to infuse it with a more symbolic tone. The wine box ceremony is a romantic alternative practice – especially if the wedding takes place at some rustic winery!

The main part of the ceremony consists of locking a bottle of good wine into a box for a certain amount of years – five or ten years is the most usual choice. The celebrant explains the significance of this box, as it will be a promise of the power and the duration of the relationship during these years. When the time comes, the couple will open the box, drink the wine, relive their wedding day, and put a new bottle of wine to be opened again in their future anniversary.

When it comes to choosing the wine, it is important to consult a specialist, so that to make sure that the wine will last during all these years and will age well. Expert advice on how to store the wine is also useful – most need a dark and cool place at a horizontal position. Your wedding planner could propose you the wine box that suits you: from wooden boxes with your names and date engraved to velvet-lined ones, the options are far from few.

Some couples prefer to add an even more personal and romantic meaning to the ceremony, by writing letters to one another and locking them in the wine box, to be read by their future selves. This can bring them loving memories and feelings from the time they were madly in love, refreshing the relationship!

Wine box ceremony is the absolute way to declare your love and seal it for years to come!