The beauty of Traditional Cretan Weddings

Weddings are very important social events in Crete. Usually, many hundreds, even thousands of guests arrive to celebrate the special moment with the new couple. There is always a lot of food, joy, traditional music and dancing!

The Cretans love and respect their traditions, so if you are ever invited to a traditional Cretan wedding, you are most likely to see the following.

  • A couple of days before the wedding day, a smaller event is organized for the closest relatives and most beloved friends. Usually, it takes place at the groom’s house. Something like a bachelor party, but for the whole family.
  • It is a very old and beautiful Cretan tradition to offer the newlyweds elaborately decorated bread, with intricate designs. This bread is specially created for weddings.
  • Gamopilafo is the most trademark – and delicious! – Cretan wedding specialty. Risotto boiled in broth, served with roast meat!
  • If you are ever invited to a Cretan wedding, maybe you shouldn’t buy any gifts for the bride and groom. In Crete guests offer small envelops with money in them, to help the couple in their new beginning.
  • Some Cretans still wear their traditional costumes at weddings. Many grooms wear the traditional white scarf on their shoulders, to honor tradition.
  • The Cretans love music! They even have a special kind of improvised songs, called Madinada. All Cretan weddings close with one of these songs.

Crete is an ideal destination for weddings, with a long tradition and authentic hospitality!