What bridal suit suits you according to your sign!

Do you have the right ring and are you in the search for a wedding dress? Astrology can help you. Depending on the elements that represent your sign, you can choose the right wedding gown that will fill the big day and make you look more beautiful than ever.



Wedding dresses are not exactly the style of Aries. Most lilies are looking for something that will not have many lips or many details – the wedding dress should be simple, clean and easy. You prefer white from cream, as well as something modern, not traditional, but also sharp corners and clean lines.


Taurus loves bridal shopping. It is a sign that appreciates the textures and fabrics – and wedding dresses that show and make you feel great. A Taurus loves luxury in terms of both vision and touch while it tends to have a particular preference for florals. They love timeless pieces, not trends, like femininity.



Gemini want something light, while they like to make a mix of prints, textures and fabrics. The bride Gemini wants something to be entertaining, to stand out in the crowd and to be something within which it can move easily. A bright-colored accessory or a pair of shoes will make a difference for her while she will prefer a midi length if she can.



The Cancer bride worships the antiques. It works particularly well with lace, as with the high neckline – anything that will give this retro feeling that she likes. They want softness and nothing extravagant, as well as silhouettes that emphasize the waist and the line is A-line. As for jewelery, all Gemini will prefer something silver.



Leo enjoy being the focus of attention. They are high fashion, shining and looking for something that will remain unforgettable and will have an impact. Like a dress statement with oversized jewelry. The intense drama and the long tail fit into this sign, while they love to shimmer with golden details and headpieces that will fit perfectly with their hair – which is the most important piece for a Leo.


Virgo is naturally feminine and extremely stylish. She enjoys the small details that will make the difference, making a dress unique. They want a look that will be simple and at the same time make them feel real goddesses. They are looking for a bridesmaid that is well-received, quality and will endure the passage of time while emphasizing their silhouette and elegance.



Libra is one of the smoothest and feminine signs that fits in with the bright embroidery – this sign tends towards the satin and anything that has a small dose of sex appeal. The Libra bride is not afraid of the excess. Think about what goddess Aphrodite would wear to go to the church? Libra is not afraid of lace, since it has the element of femininity. It goes well with the tulle and the transparent one and it is of interest first of all to have grace, but also consistency



A Scorpio will not be afraid to be a bit more edgy about her wedding dress and will escape from the usual and the anticipated. Scorpios is not necessarily boho – he has a dose of rock & roll and is not afraid to make a statement even if it is slightly challenging. There is a great chance of wanting to add accessories such as a bold dagger or a boot. Besides, only Scorpions can support looks that other zodiac signs can not.


The Sagittarius will want to make everything big: a big party, to invite everyone who knows – and the same thing he wants to do with the wedding dress. She wants the wedding dress to have a sense of excessive abundance and she may want to change her dress when she gets dark. However, she does not want to be very sexy, meaning for her she has the shape and structure – not the texture, for example. The Sagittarius bride’s dress should contribute to their experience and make it stronger.


The Capricorn bride wants to make a good investment in a well-made and quality dress. She likes the beautiful structured and architectural designs, while suits her costumes and jumpsuits. She does not prefer lace or translucence and wants her wedding dress to remain intact throughout the evening. There is a professional and at the same time elegant element. They will avoid having to spend endless hours choosing a wedding dress, but they want to be of excellent quality as it is.



The Aquarius woman is considered to be the zodiac revolutionary-that is why it will not be compromised by any norm. They are not afraid to take risks in terms of fashion and go well with asymmetric and particularly unique pieces. Also, Aquarius is the sign of change, so they may want to change a dress during the evening. They will prefer something avant-garde, combining styles, shapes and seasons into a look – and will make it work perfectly.


Pisces is a sign that they love imagination and romance. That’s why their wedding dress will look like a fairy-tale – unless they belong to the Pisces who prefer the boho style with a dose of imagination. They do well with layers and airy looks, while avoiding anything rigid that is lacking in motion. Whatever their choice is, the only certainty is that it will not lack the strong romantic element.