Marissa & Daniel


Marissa and Daniel wanted their rustic wedding in Crete to take place on a farm in a beautiful village near Rethymno. NMevents drew inspiration from their wishes. They wanted their wedding not to be just one night of fun, but also a unique experience for them and all their guests.

romantic atmosphere

For the decoration the couple chose white and green hues, so NMevents team joined their forces with our event planner and the couple. After several Skype calls and e-mails they finalized the concept which consisted of olive branches, greenery, white roses and lots of candles in romantic atmosphere. Marissa and our event planner started one year earlier to prepare all the wedding details, always having in mind to make her future husband proud. She was looking for a simple and plain venue and comfort was the key, as she said.

The bridal dress was minimal and classic, suitable for the venue. Daniel chose a blue suit with brown shoes and accessories. They decided to get dressed in different places to avoid meeting each other before the ceremony, as most couples use to do.

wedding in Rethymno

The guests tasted local appetizers, fruits and drinks placed on wooden barrels while they were waiting for the bride’s appearance.

An unexpected surprise made the guests remember this wedding in Crete for their whole life. Our beautiful bride arrived to her wedding destination in a luxury convertible, and then went down the aisle on a sympathetic donkey, accompanied by Cretan dancers.


Marissa’s and Daniel’s wedding photo shoot is wonderful and real rustic, because they posed in an olive grove, a vineyard and a cornfield.