Marie & Theodore

When dreams come true.

Theodore, hailing from Heraklion, Crete and Mary, residing in Athens, shared an exceptional celebration last September. Their destination wedding, held at the captivating Kipos Aisthiseon, at Heraklion, beautifully intertwined their cultural heritages, despite the geographical divide. The ceremony, conducted in the estate’s charming chapel following Orthodox Christians traditions that marked the joining of Theodore and Marie. Organizing an unforgettable event despite the challenges of remote planning, every detail was meticulously attended to.


journeys wedding

Their wedding symbolized the merging of Cretan heritage and Athenian grace. The theme of the wedding centered on ‘journeys’, the couple’s cherished passion. It encapsulated not just their individual journeys but also the merging of two distinct cultures into one harmonious celebration.
From the lavish feast to the decadent desserts, each table boasted an assortment of cakes, accompanied by an ice cream cart that delighted everyone. Libations flowed generously throughout the evening, culminating in a chic cocktail van adding elegance to the festivities.

Traditional elements like live Cretan music set the cultural tone, infusing the evening with joyous celebration before the real party begins. Theodore’s sophistication and Mary’s grace reflected in the event, signifying their love transcending geographical boundaries and uniting diverse backgrounds seamlessly. The flawless coordination by the dedicated team ensured that the couple enjoyed their day stress-free, savoring every moment of their union.

wedding in crete

Their wedding epitomizes the beauty of love transcending boundaries and cultures. It’s a tapestry of cherished memories woven by NMevents, showcasing our commitment to crafting exceptional destination weddings that capture the essence of love, culture and celebration.

As we continue to curate these moments, Theodore and Marie’s wedding remains a testament to the dedication in crafting exquisite celebrations that resonate with the heart and soul.