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No visitor can claim they have seen enough of Crete, unless visited the gorgeous city of Rethymno. City of letters and art, spiritual center of the island, this place is also ideal for a destination wedding to remember.

Rethymno’s natural beauty is eye-catching. At first, the exotic long sandy beach with the crystal clear waters is a real bait for summer holidays. On its coast proudly stands a venetian castle with a breath-taking view of the ocean, Rethymno’s most famous landmark. Deeper in the mainland, one can enjoy the local culture in the narrow streets of the old town, its stone venetian buildings and the upgraded local restaurants. The outskirts of the town are not without an interest as well, with many traditional mountain and fish villages all around waiting to be discovered.

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All the above make Rethymno the ideal wedding destination for all tastes: whether its the picturesque old town, the stunning Venetian Fortezza, its exotic beaches with the breath-taking seaside restaurants, its world-famous traditional Cretan venues in rustic style or the luxurious villas with minimalistic architecture, here you are sure to find exactly what you are dreaming for your big day! The great nightlife and the local art festivals are an extra plus for a honeymoon that has it all.


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Rethymno is also an ideal location for civil ceremonies due to its local wedding policy: weddings here can take place any day of the week in numerous idyllic locations, not only inside the Town Hall. What an amazing option for those who want to tie the knot – and make it legal!