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In all aspects, Greece is a paradise on Earth: the land on sun and sea, with gorgeous landscapes and hidden natural gems.

Getting married in Greece is a real blessing, as it comes with an extra perk: not only is it ideal for a romantic exotic wedding, but it also offers numerous options for an unforgettable honeymoon! The gorgeous Greek islands with their world-famous beaches are mainly set in clusters, offering the option to visit many of them in a single trip. For mountain lovers, Greece offers also some of the most breath-taking locations on earth.

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Apart from its natural beauty, Greece is a must destination for its world-famous sights. No matter where you go in Greece, you are never too far from some ancient location with great archaeological importance, or a worth-visit museum. With more than 5000 years of ongoing history, Greece is a land with many stories to tell!

Crete is the largest island of Greece, and one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean sea. Its special landscape combines the charm of an exotic island with the beauties of steep gorges and mountain views.


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A wedding in Crete is definitely an unforgettable experience. Local tradition is deeply rooted in this island of the hospitable and the light-hearted, whose culture and warmth can melt the most demanding heart. Local music and dancing – an important aspect of Cretan lifestyle – can be found everywhere, and are a must addition in every wedding taking place in this amazing land. Weddings here are major social events, with local couples casually inviting hundreds (or even thousands!) of guests to celebrate!


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Food is another reason to say yes to Crete when it comes to a wedding. Mediterranean diet is healthy and delicious, and Crete is its proud birthplace and house.  Crete is famous for its local produce, organic fresh fruit and vegetables, delicious meat and fish – and of course, its golden olive oil. The unique local specialties and good wine make any wedding menu hard to resist!

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