Christos’ Baptism

Prototype baptism with a vintage race cars inspired theme

Little Christos got baptized in Rethymno, enjoying every minute of his day, together with his parents, relatives and friends! Vintage race cars, white balloons everywhere, field flowers and unique treats were only a few of the surprises this night held. The religious mystery took place at the Holy Church of Saint Nicholas, right on top of the sea foam, decorated in white balloons, as well as in floral arrangements in blue tones where field flowers prevailed. An old tricycle placed at the outdoor area, serving lemonade for our little friends and rose prosecco for the adults, took off the beautiful scenery.


The little protagonist of the day dressed up and led the guests to a unique venue where they celebrated all together! This young guy, bewitched by race cars, was the inspiration for the styling decoration that looked both child-like and chic at the same time.

luxury baptism

The reception took place at the villa complex of ArboraOlea Resorts, which is surrounded by an olive grove, and gave the guests a sense of tradition, hospitality, and luxury, as they enjoyed the most special delicacies. The tables were set between the olive trees, the menu was traditional with a modern touch, the elegant taste united modern with traditional. Traditional cocktails and finger food accompanied the guests’ welcome; all inspired by the cook who was asked to present a menu that was modern and traditional at the same time!

NMevents team was there, closely watching the preparations and offering their experience in every detail. Organizing an event at a fresh new location is always a challenge for us, as it is our aim to set the level higher and higher!