Christening Maria

A Magical Christening Day for Little Maria at Arkadi Monastery

As an event and design manager, I find profound joy in curating experiences that transcend the ordinary. One such memorable occasion was the christening day of little Maria, a day bathed in the warmth of summer and adorned with the enchantment of the Arkadi Monastery. Arkadi’s historical and spiritual aura provided an enchanting backdrop for Maria’s christening. The stone walls echoed with centuries of stories, weaving a timeless tale around the joyous occasion. Maria was surrounded by love from her enchanting family, reveled in the warmth of her big sister, adoring mother, and proud father. The bond they shared was palpable, making the day even more special.


unforgettable moments

The women of Maria’s family graced the celebration in stunning burgundy dresses, a symbol of regality and deep affection. Their attire complemented the serene surroundings and added a touch of sophistication to the joyous atmosphere.

The celebration continued at the exquisite Ktima Thymeli, a venue chosen with meticulous care. Every detail reflected the artistry of design and the passion for crafting unforgettable moments. The sprawling landscape became a canvas awaiting the brushstrokes of celebration. Guests were greeted by a welcome table, adorned with vibrant flowers and an array of colorful candies.

Nature’s poetry unfolded in a floral symphony, from the church to the reception area. Vibrant blooms adorned every corner, creating an ambiance resonant with the joy of the occasion.


Christening in crete

Ktima Thymeli not only enchanted the eyes but also the palate. A feast of gastronomic delights transcended taste, while traditional Cretan music filled the air, creating a bridge between the past and the present seamlessly. The festivities continued into the night with a lively party featuring a Dj. Guests danced under the stars, celebrating the joyous milestone of little Maria.

Little Maria’s christening day was a masterpiece painted with love, creativity, and meticulous planning. As an event and design manager, I embrace the responsibility of turning dreams into unforgettable moments. Maria’s family, surrounded by beauty and joy, witnessed a day that will forever be etched in their hearts and all who shared in the magic of that day.