Beth & Jack


The bride and groom of this wedding were meant to be together. Jack’s and Beth’s civil wedding in Crete was just wonderful. They invited their families and friends to follow them on this trip and share their special day with them in a rural venue in Rethymno, Crete. The couple decorated their wedding with colorful flowers, greenery and painted details.

just wonderful

The ceremony took place in front of a beautiful church which was decorated with an impressive synthesis full of fresh flowers on the corner of the church’s door, a wonderful bouquet on the ceremony table, some rustic chairs for the guests and a beautiful bouquet for our lovely bride. Jack and each one of his best men wore a colorful boutonniere.

NMevents’ wedding planner followed all the wishes of the couple, who had already pre- planned the wedding. Jack & Beth had organized every single detail because they wanted to enjoy all the moments of their wedding in Crete, consequently NMevents team made it happen.

rainbow of flowers

The wedding reception took place next to a church in an outdoor location. Greenery, white and pink roses, olive branches, eucalyptus, purple hydrangea and chamomile were some of the flowers which constituted the main garlands on the tables. An unusual disposition of the florist, with ribbons and flowers behind of the couple’s seats, stole the scene. This rainbow of flowers was accompanied by uncountable lights and candles.

wedding in Rethymno

The clever painted details, which were drawn by the couple, gave an appealing tone. They had cards with the schedule of the day and their drawn love story. The numbers of the tables and the wishes book was also drawn by them, the church where their wedding ceremony took place was also represented.


After dinner, Cretan dancers and live Cretan musicians uplifted the guests and a DJ kept the party alive until morning. Paulina ( was able to capture all the beautiful moments of this wedding in Crete. NMevents loves to work with such smiling and lovely couples, who know to take pleasure from each other every single moment.