We first met Niki in 2019 when we began planning our wedding , little did we know we would end up in a pandemic. We were due to get married in June 2021 but unfortunately had to reschedule to September 2021. Niki was there every step of the way helping us organise and reorganise everything, she took away all our stresses during the build up and on the day. The day was everything I imagined and more we can’t even explain how beautiful the decor was. Niki’s sister Stella was also amazing helping coordinate the day and ensure everything went smoothly. Niki thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. When we asked you to be our wedding planner we got much more, we got a bestfriend and a Sister.

Ashleigh Alebakis

We can’t thank Niki and her team at NMevents enough for their outstanding work in making our wedding day a dream come true at Agreco Farm in September 2023. Their attention to detail, creativity, and support throughout the planning process was truly remarkable. On the big day, everything came together flawlessly, thanks to their exceptional organisation skills and dedication! Their passion for what they do shines through and we highly recommend them to any couple seeking a magical and unforgettable wedding experience

Ashleigh and James’ Rustic Elegance at Agreco Farms

Crafting the idyllic union of Ashleigh and James amidst the rustic Agreco Farms was like painting a canvas with elegance and serenity. As the orchestrator of their momentous day, we had the honor of creating an unforgettable celebration, blending simplicity, sophistication and natural beauty into an unforgettable experience.

Rustic weddng in grecce

Ashleigh, an embodiment of grace, moved gracefully across the scenery in a timeless white gown adorned with delicate lace, her hair styled in an exquisite chignon. With makeup enhancing her features, she exuded an ethereal radiance, perfectly complemented by James’s quiet strength and anticipation.

elegant wedding

The ceremony unfolded beneath a breathtaking floral arch, a fusion of fresh and dried blooms in hues of beige. Against the rustic backdrop, their vows were exchanged amidst an enchanting ambiance that spoke of romance and elegance.
The celebration embraced intimacy, offering a feast for the senses with delectable cuisine and an array of beverages. Floral arrangements, meticulously curated in vibrant earthy tones, highlighted the venue’s natural beauty even more, harmonizing with its charm.

wedding in Agreco Farm

As night fell, laughter merged with music, creating an atmosphere of pure delight. The cutting of the cake marked the entrance of a band – the beginning of an exceptional celebration, quests dancing and celebrating the night, making each moment a cherished memory.   
Abigail and James’s wedding wasn’t just a union but a symphony of love and beauty, leaving an indelible mark on every heart present. Crafting this ethereal celebration was a privilege, witnessing the culmination of a love story amidst the rustic charm of Agreco Farms. It was a day where love blossomed, forever etched in the cherished memories of all who attended.