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Sian & Greg

Magical summer wedding in Rethymno

Our beloved love birds, Sian & Greg, decided to exchange vows of eternal love to the absolute wedding destination of Greece, the majestic city of Rethymno.

A few summers earlier, the young couple came here for holidays from England. They fell in love with the place and they decided to get married here, by calling their friends and relatives to enjoy this magic.

NMevents Company’s Head Wedding Planner transformed the passion of this love into an event through her experience, and by respecting the couple’s personal taste, she planned a wedding to be remembered by both the couple and the guests. The secret to success was the unique combination of modern style and tradition, of sea and field, of luxury and simplicity.

The magnificent bride walked the aisle accompanied by her father, after the fairy-like bridesmaids, where the handsome groom was waiting for her, at a background of an endless blue at the magical venue of White Palace. No one can resist the luxury nature gives, and the white surroundings with the elegant details around harmoniously complete the sense of uniqueness! White, light grey and blush pink was Sian’s dream palette for an elegant wedding with her beloved Greg.

These were the colors of the wedding reception that followed, which took place at Agreco Farm. Here, the guests were awestruck by the traditional surroundings and the tasty food, and the wedding decoration launched this unique feeling to the sky.

The guests were warmly welcomed with raki and traditional treats, as well as with lounge music chosen by the couple.

As for the magical decoration, the location was already full of trees, flowers, and pots with local herbs. Every corner of the venue was light, and the tables were discretely decorated with flowers. A wedding crystal chandelier was hung above every table, and all tree trunks were covered in fairy lights. A fairytale-like scenery, so warm, romantic, and hospitable, with love vibes overflowing everywhere…

 Photographer: Wedding Stories Photography

Matthew & Michael

Modern summer wedding in Rethymno with pampas grass and elegant touches

With a background of an endless green of an idyllic location in Rethymno, together with luxurious decoration, this wedding is simply magical.

Matthew and Michael traveled from far away, and decided to bind their love with the bonds of marriage in one of the most special villas of Crete. The bohemian decoration gave an absolutely aesthetic touch to this special wedding. Amnalys Villa… the ideal location for the most beautiful day of your life!

This beautiful couple dreamt of exchanging vows of eternal love between family and friends, and so they did! The unique circular floral arrangement full of pampas grass, white roses, and hydrangeas surrounded them, while the impressive greenery of the arrangement looked as if it emerged through the thick grass. All the beloved guests watched in awe and emotion around this arrangement.

The wedding reception took place in the same imposing venue, at the elevated large balcony, where luxury overflowed. The lighting with the crystal chandeliers, as well as the stand with the luxurious floral arrangement in the middle of the table, revealed the couple’s splendid taste and their elegance.

NMevents team, adding to the uniqueness of the day, offered the couple some of the top vendors for their wedding, and the result was a smooth combination of the art of a florist with perfectly romantic lighting. The night ended up to a pool wedding party full of cheerfulness, with the barman offering selected drinks and the photographer capturing every second!


Christos’ Baptism

Prototype baptism with a vintage race cars inspired theme

Little Christos got baptized in Rethymno, enjoying every minute of his day, together with his parents, relatives and friends! Vintage race cars, white balloons everywhere, field flowers and unique treats were only a few of the surprises this night held.

The religious mystery took place at the Holy Church of Saint Nicholas, right on top of the sea foam, decorated in white balloons, as well as in floral arrangements in blue tones where field flowers prevailed. An old tricycle placed at the outdoor area, serving lemonade for our little friends and rose prosecco for the adults, took off the beautiful scenery.

The little protagonist of the day dressed up and led the guests to a unique venue where they celebrated all together! This young guy, bewitched by race cars, was the inspiration for the styling decoration that looked both child-like and chic at the same time.

The reception took place at the villa complex of ArboraOlea Resorts, which is surrounded by an olive grove, and gave the guests a sense of tradition, hospitality, and luxury, as they enjoyed the most special delicacies. The tables were set between the olive trees, the menu was traditional with a modern touch, the elegant taste united modern with traditional. Traditional cocktails and finger food accompanied the guests’ welcome; all inspired by the cook who was asked to present a menu that was modern and traditional at the same time!

NMevents team was there, closely watching the preparations and offering their experience in every detail. Organizing an event at a fresh new location is always a challenge for us, as it is our aim to set the level higher and higher!

Photographers: Roula Moniaki & Alex Georgiadis
Nikos Fragomanolakis

Marissa & Daniel


Marissa and Daniel wanted their rustic wedding in Crete to take place on a farm in a beautiful village near Rethymno. NMevents drew inspiration from their wishes. They wanted their wedding not to be just one night of fun, but also a unique experience for them and all their guests.

For the decoration the couple chose white and green hues, so NMevents team joined their forces with our event planner and the couple. After several Skype calls and e-mails they finalized the concept which consisted of olive branches, greenery, white roses and lots of candles in romantic atmosphere. Marissa and our event planner started one year earlier to prepare all the wedding details, always having in mind to make her future husband proud. She was looking for a simple and plain venue and comfort was the key, as she said.

The bridal dress was minimal and classic, suitable for the venue. Daniel chose a blue suit with brown shoes and accessories. They decided to get dressed in different places to avoid meeting each other before the ceremony, as most couples use to do.

The guests tasted local appetizers, fruits and drinks placed on wooden barrels while they were waiting for the bride’s appearance.

An unexpected surprise made the guests remember this wedding in Crete for their whole life. Our beautiful bride arrived to her wedding destination in a luxury convertible, and then went down the aisle on a sympathetic donkey, accompanied by Cretan dancers.

Marissa’s and Daniel’s wedding photo shoot is wonderful and real rustic, because they posed in an olive grove, a vineyard and a cornfield.

Photos: Akis Mavrakis

Victoria & Gareth

What happens when a blogger decides to tie the knot? Well, she absolutely rocks the definition of a wedding ceremony and reception!

Our gorgeous and creative bride, Victoria, together with her beloved Gareth, decided to host their wedding at the stunning Cretan wedding venue, Agreco Farm. Our beautiful couple dreamed of a wedding in boho and rustic hues which blended excellently with the venue. Guests arriving from all parts of the world congratulated the couple and enjoyed the famous hospitality of the locals.

Gareth’s preparation took place at an elegant mansion in the old town of Rethymno, right next to the Turkish hamams and the Venetian Fortress. Victoria preferred the Agreco suite for her preparation – a place with a distinctively traditional Cretan tone!

The ceremony took place in front of the beautiful Chapel of Saint Nicholas, and the wedding reception at the picturesque yard with the olive trees. The fairy lights gave an ethereal tone to the location, an ideal decoration touch especially after sunset!

Soon the wedding party was on fire, lasting till morning hours!

Kyla & George

Rustic wedding in blue hues

Imagine the blue of the ocean mixed with the rustic style of the Agreco Farm! The result? Amazing!

Kyla & George united their love forever under the soft light of summer Greek sunset. And what place could be better for a Cretan styled destination wedding than Agreco Farm? The hospitable ambience of the farm, the breath-taking view, the mesmerizing smells from all the local herbs made the ideal setting for a fairytale-like wedding!

And what words may we find to describe the beauty of the bridesmaids! Elegantly surrounding the bride, they gave a very special touch with the blue color of their dresses. Like drops of cool salty water straight from the Cretan beaches!

And of course, a live dancers’ show is a must for a Cretan spark in the party!

Photos: Wedding Stories Photography

Nereus Baptism

‘Underwater’ Baptism in Cretan Monastery

How can the bottom of the ocean be found in the yard of a thousand year old Cretan monastery? Well, Roula Moniaki, an accomplished professional photographer, together with our expert decoration team, made it happen in the baptism of her lovely baby boy!

Starfish, octopus, jelly fish, crabs, whales, algae, the whole sea world came alive in the yard of Arkadi Monastery. The Monastery carries a long and important history, and is famous for its special Venetian architecture. This is where young Nireas was baptized in a gorgeous ocean themed decoration.

Outside the church a welcome table was set, where guests could drink iced water and juice. The sweets and candy offered to the guests were all ocean themed. Handmade cookies painted with sugar paste as sea creatures gave a playful tone to the decoration. A deep blue sea style was given to the delicious cake pops, the muffins and the cake. Pampas grass and algae had a special ‘underwater’ feeling.

The same style was given to the handmade stuffed sea creature toys that decorated the table and the baptism font. The guest favors were also tailor made, with fabric bags and fabric fish hanging on them, stuffed with local products and goodies.And of course, the baptism candle was astounding!

What an elegant and playful baptism!

Photographer: Roula Moniaki & Alex Georgiadis

Marissa & David


Marissa and David chose to seal their love in Greece, her father’s place of origin, accompanied only by their families. They decided to exchange their vows in Rethymno, Crete in traditional manner using the wedding crowns (stefana) of Marissa’s grandmother.

The ceremony was modest and the bride was looking like an ancient Greek goddess. She was gorgeous, with natural makeup and superb hair style. The wedding dress was silky in cream tone and minimal. Marissa was amazing while she was walking down the aisle escorted by her father and two musicians with bouzouki.

The groom was smiling all the time, looking at his future wife with love and passion. David wore a suit with blue linen coat and a colorful hanky as boutonniere.

NMevents organized this traditional wedding connected with good quality food, olive oil, raki and handmade soaps as gifts for their guests. A hearty welcome table with drinks, “golden” bonbons, cup cakes and plenty greenery garlands constituted the main decoration of the reception.

Last but not least, the location where the ceremony took place was a picturesque balcony next to an old olive tree with the most natural view: A vineyard and in the background the sensational blue of the sea.

Our wedding planner from NMevents said: “We designed a rustic country wedding theme based on what the couple was asking for and not to what was custom to do”.

Our beautiful couple enjoyed their wedding party by dancing with Greek music and drinking favored good wine which is produced in our area.

Photos: Wedding Stories Photography

Maria & Vladimir


Maria and Vladimir trusted NMevents team to organize for them a traditional orthodox wedding in Crete in a stunning venue. Wedding ceremony and reception were hosted on a farm and that made the guests enjoy this wonderful location. The ceremony took place in the farm church and the reception in the farm yard.

It was decorated with glass vases which inside had slices of lemons, greenery, white and yellow roses. The couple’s desire was to add yellow and blue details and our event planner with her team create a minimalist and chic wedding decoration. Lemons, blue ribbons and different flowers adorned the wedding table, the middle of the tables and the aisle with four impressive lemon syntheses.

Maria’s dress was a fabulous white wedding dress with a long silky train and a lace veil. Her three bridesmaids wore yellow blue gowns. Vladimir and his three best men wore suits in blue hues.

The most beautiful moment of the bride was when she walked down the aisle with her father and the groom was moved emotionally while he was waiting for her.

After the ceremony guests stopped for local drinks and sweets en route to the reception, while the couple took their portraits around the farm. The next day the couple continued their photo shooting around the wonderful old town of Rethymno.

When the night came and the music started to play, the couple animated their guests to enjoy the party and join the dancing group. Cretan dancers taught them local dances and impressed them with their dance figures.  A wedding in Crete means good quality of food and all night dancing!

Photos: Wedding Stories Photography

Deborah & Kevin


NMevents features how a wedding destination in Crete should be!

Debora and Kevin exchanged vows on an idyllic terrace of a luxury hotel in the beautiful city of Rethymno and the reception took place on a farm with countless flowers of natural colors. The endless white of the hotel and the unbounded blue of the Aegean Sea conveyed the sense of a mythic ceremony.

The bride was quite the sight, all in white sequins. Her fair skin and her elegant hairstyle in a bun made her look so aristocratic. Her bridesmaids wore silky dresses in color of sand with boutonnieres.

The groom was elegant with his striped suit in grey and white hues, which fits exactly on a Frenchman who is going to be married in Crete. It is worth to mark, that at this wedding the outfit of the guests was very sleek.

Their wedding followed a glam chic style and the color palette that the happy couple chose, had white pastel colors and greenery. Weddings in Crete are always connected with greenery because of the aplenty of its vegetation. NMevents team was able to impress the couple and their guests who travelled so many kilometers for this wedding.

The rustic reception venue was decorated by NMevents team with fresh flowers in the same colors. For the wishing table there were lighting letters with a small red heard, bonbons, and candles, bronze vases with flowers, a Polaroid camera and a wooden wishes book.

A wild party with cocktails took place in the same yard next to the dinner setting with countless fireworks and music.

Photos: Wedding Stories Photography

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