NMevents was the event planner of Malene’s & Conor’s wedding in Rethymno. They planned their rustic and romantic wedding on the incredible island of Crete, with their two adorable kids.

Ceremony and reception took place in an outdoor venue full of olive trees, a church, a yard and a small market with local products. The land around this area includes a vineyard and a zoo with lots of local animals. Their rustic wedding photo shoot was a real interesting experience for them.

The wedding ceremony and hand binding was simply decorated under a wooden pergola. The decoration of the reception was full of natural elements such as roses in pastel tones, olive branches and eucalyptus. One unique idea was the wedding snack for all the guests: It was just some kind of insect snack. All guests were surprised, but most of them were brave and tasted them. “It is like chips, why not?” as a taster said.

The bride was escorted to the ceremony by her father and her little daughter, while her husband was waiting for them with their son, just like every traditional wedding in Crete. Malene had a spring in her step with her lacy white wedding dress because she was ready to exchange vows with the man who she loves so much. Her hairstyle was chignon to give prominence to her nature make up. Conor was wearing a waistcoat over a shirt, and a tie in cream tones.

After the ceremony the couple and the guests celebrated the wedding in the yard with warm, atmospheric lighting, music and Cretan dancers. The dancers impressed both the guests and the couple with their dance figures and feats. The children enjoyed the wedding reception too, due to the special children’s menu and the two clowns who played with them until midnight.

NMevents team and event planner worked with love for this wedding as they always do.

Photos: Stavros Lykakis